About the Blog:

ashventures was born out of a childhood defined by the word “no” and countless conversations with wistful individuals beginning with “I wish I ________ ” and ending with the word “but…”

It is a journal of life in Salt Lake City, a travelogue of world adventures, a collection of things I love.

Simply, it is a documentation of my journey – to create and live the life I’ve dreamt of. Today.

About the Blogger – Ashley T. Nguyen:

Born in Vietnam and raised in Seattle, I received my first passport as a high school graduation present. Ten years later, I’ve traveled to over 15 countries merging my love for the outdoors, culture, crafts and humanitarian work. I met my partner E. in a small town in Japan and moved with him to  Salt Lake City, UT, where I now spend my weekdays serving the refugee community, my weekends playing outside, and my evenings poring over airfare and dreaming of my next travel destination.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. sheila7697 says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading your entries, but was especially struck by your comment that your childhood was defined by the word “no.” I’m somewhat familiar with that life…very structured, lots of expectations! Glad you’re spreading your wings, and I hope you will find fulfillment in your travels and connections with the communities you work with. ~ Sheila

    • thao says:

      Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting and commenting. I also came to blogging with the same realization as you – that recognizing the positive things in our lives increases its power. Looking forward to getting to know each other in the blog-o-sphere. Please visit again soon!

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