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School Lunch in Japan

The best part about teaching English in an Elementary School in Japan was lunchtime. No, it wasn’t the food though it was delicious. It was the process.

Each day, a group of students from each class put on caps, aprons and gloves. Line up in front of the kitchen area. And, carry all the food, bowls/plates and utensils back to their classroom. They place them on a line of desk that they have arranged and begin serving their classmates. Once all the food has been served, students share an Itadakimasu (thanks for the food) and dig in! After lunch, students clean up after themselves and return dishes back to the kitchen area.

Both lunch and school cleaning times are opportunities that Japanese schools take advantage of to teach responsibility and service. I think it’s a pretty neat idea plus the kids look so adorable in their mask and aprons.

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